Management System

Already in the offer phase, a QAP (Quality Assurance Plan) is worked out for each individual project. The plan specifies which steps of the project will be carried out by which collaborator(s) and the time frame in which the various steps will be implemented. The quality expected from the client, the price and the delivery time or the duration of the work are decided among the collaborators participating in the project, The offer is then submitted to the client. With our Management system we can always provide our clients with concrete solutions.
The QAP also includes stating the name of the collaborator(s) participating in the project, and if the client wishes it, the qualifications and experience of the team.

Project Management

Our projects are carried out according to the following phases:

Technical Writing

  1. Conception
  2. Control draft (PE)
  3. Review (by the client)
  4. Final copy (PX)

Technical Translation

  1. Terminology research
  2. Rough translation
  3. Review (clarification of questions related to the source text and to the terminology)
  4. Completion

The individual phases of a project are described in detail in PDF format in our information pages relative to Quality Assurance.